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— 10 Apr 2012 —

Tara O'Hehir's Phantom-Like Subjects

Tara O'Hehir, Fritz Frames, Chinook in PNG Burl
Tara O'Hehir, Fritz Frames, Shamal in Zebrano
Tara O'Hehir, Fritz Frames, Willy Willy in Walnut Burl


 Tara O'Hehir Helps Sell Frames with Phantom-Like Subjects

Published: Apr 3, '12 


Trendhunter Blog Post -

Tara O’Hehir, a London, UK-based photographer, has found the perfect way to accentuate the look of glasses on a human face; she’s eliminated the rest of the person, leaving behind only the eyes, noses and mouths of her subjects. The results are photos of phantom-like people wearing stylish frames that just seem to pop right off the screen. It’s such a simplistic, yet effective way of directing people’s attention to the product being sold, which in this case is Fritz Frames’ hand-crafted timber glass frames.

The manner in which Tara O’Hehir has manipulated her photos makes it appear as though a talented artist rendered each face using a pencil. In certain pictures, the cheeks of her subjects seem to fade effortlessly into the background, amplifying the ghostly effect of her images.

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Fritz Frames
Fritz Frames

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