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— 13 Feb 2017 —

Fritz 2000

What a milestone!

6 years in and over 2000 frames have been handcrafted here at Fritz Frames HQ on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Nearly exactly 3 years ago we hosted our 1000th frame (PUNK) party and on Saturday the 2nd July we partied again. This time like VILLAINS!

With the passing of time we are able to see the patterns and flow of our big picture creativity and it’s the bigger picture of Fritz Frames we are now putting our efforts into.

We’ve worked hard to sustain what we started back in 2010, crafting on average one frame per day! It’s very labour intensive as each frame is hand crafted from start to finish in a process that takes about 10 hours per frame.

Over the last 6 years we’ve had a few amazingly proud moments; we’re two-time winners of the ODMA Awards of Excellence – Sunglasses Category and we have been nominated for several categories each year. But most importantly, we’ve fostered wonderful working relationships with over 30 optometrists worldwide who love and sell our frames.

Thanks to everyone who has made this journey possible!
Here’s to creating more beautiful eyewear well into the future.


— 30 Jun 2016 —

How we make our Timber frames

Here at Fritz Frames we take pride in producing your frames to the highest quality standards. Each frame is carefully crafted from locally sourced timbers and composite materials to ensure that your frame is unique and beautiful.

The material consist of up to 15 layers of wood and fibres, fused together under high temperature and pressure. Timbers are either kept natural or hand dyed here in our workshop.

Fritz’s impeccably refined finishing techniques involve the application of a hardened, protective clear coat and the meticulous process of
hand sanding.. The result is an ultra smooth frame offering unsurpassed comfort and an ability to withstand the harshest of elements, including UV-rays, water, sunscreen, make-up, and the like, for everyday wear.

The creation of a single pair is still estimated at around 10 hours.

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Fritz Frames
Fritz Frames

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