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Shamal LE

The idea of working with a street artist who’s known for designing huge wall murals and translating that onto a surface as small as a pair of frames is a little bit nuts and precisely what we loved about this colab.
With only six Grifters ever made, this is truly a scarce as hens’ teeth edition. Those lucky enough to get their hands on a pair will also receive this original Numskull print for their private collection!

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Dyed Oak on the outside and featuring original Numskull artwork on the inside, Grifter is a cool, unisex classic in the tradition of the wayfarer but with and Numsull / Fritz twist.

Taking on a new life again when worn as prescriptions, who knew you could turn up the cool factor on such an epic style?


All Fritz Frames are handmade in Australia in small numbers. This production style makes it possible for us to custom size a frame for your particular needs (POA).