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— 13 Feb 2017 —

Fritz 2000

What a milestone!

6 years in and over 2000 frames have been handcrafted here at Fritz Frames HQ on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Nearly exactly 3 years ago we hosted our 1000th frame (PUNK) party and on Saturday the 2nd July we partied again. This time like VILLAINS!

With the passing of time we are able to see the patterns and flow of our big picture creativity and it’s the bigger picture of Fritz Frames we are now putting our efforts into.

We’ve worked hard to sustain what we started back in 2010, crafting on average one frame per day! It’s very labour intensive as each frame is hand crafted from start to finish in a process that takes about 10 hours per frame.

Over the last 6 years we’ve had a few amazingly proud moments; we’re two-time winners of the ODMA Awards of Excellence – Sunglasses Category and we have been nominated for several categories each year. But most importantly, we’ve fostered wonderful working relationships with over 30 optometrists worldwide who love and sell our frames.

Thanks to everyone who has made this journey possible!
Here’s to creating more beautiful eyewear well into the future.


— 30 Jun 2016 —

How we make our Timber frames

Here at Fritz Frames we take pride in producing your frames to the highest quality standards. Each frame is carefully crafted from locally sourced timbers and composite materials to ensure that your frame is unique and beautiful.

The material consist of up to 15 layers of wood and fibres, fused together under high temperature and pressure. Timbers are either kept natural or hand dyed here in our workshop.

Fritz’s impeccably refined finishing techniques involve the application of a hardened, protective clear coat and the meticulous process of
hand sanding.. The result is an ultra smooth frame offering unsurpassed comfort and an ability to withstand the harshest of elements, including UV-rays, water, sunscreen, make-up, and the like, for everyday wear.

The creation of a single pair is still estimated at around 10 hours.


— 30 Jun 2016 —

Why we play with timber

The idea to layer carbon and timber veneer in the creation of our frames comes from the techniques found in boat building. The short, high performance luxury vessels are the inspiration for Fritz Frames.

Fritz himself, comes from a boat building background having grown up on a island in the Baltic Sea and then mastering his trade in traditional & modern boat yards in far north Germany. He now resides across the world under the placid blue skies of the Australian Sunshine Coast. It’s here that he built himself his own home and workshop nestled into the hinterland.


— 19 Dec 2012 —

Summer Time and the Livin' is Easy

Lori wears Marylux

Here is a quick peak at our latest summer time shoot on the beautiful yacht, Overdraft just off Mooloolaba.

Image courtesy of Davey Woodhouse


— 05 Dec 2012 —

Smith Journal Ad - Dec 2012

Smith Journal Ad Dec 2012

— 03 Dec 2012 —

Est Magazine and The Loop

Fritz Frames
Fritz Frames
Fritz Frames
Fritz Frames


Recently we were paid a visit by the lovely, Lynda Evans of Est Magazine and her favourite photographer, Toby Scott.

The pair spent a Sunday morning with us in the workshop talking about how it all began and taking some pretty amzing photographs of our work space, Fritz, our dog Cash and even me!

Once digital publication, Est Magazine had gone live with their artical on the 22nd of Novemebr it didn't take The Loop long to find it and re-blog it on their site.

Here is their glimpse into the workspace and mind of inspiring eyeware designer, Fritz Schwarz.

A boat builder by trade, German born Fritz began experimenting with timber frame eyeware at just 16 years of age. With a workshop based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and nestled beneath the soaring eucalypts of his home backyard, Schwarz’s bespoke frame-ware business has built a loyal and devoted following. With each pair taking 10 hours to make, using the same techniques of layering and sanding required for boat building, these designer frames are individually unique.

In 3 words describe your style.

Classic, organic and a little bit punk.

What are you currently working on?

Refining our production facilities and an artisan jewelry range made from miniature frames.

Where do you live and work right now?

Diddillibah on the Sunshine Coast

What design purchase have you made lately?

A black leather bag by Agenda, which was designed by a Melbourne based friend of ours, Lynette Clucas.

What do you covet?

Wisdom, patience and a hydrofoil Moth (sail boat).

Favourite blog/website?

I don’t have any – I only recently acquired a computer!

Favourite online shop?

EBay & Moda Operandi (they stock our frames).

No. 1 Design/Style tip?

Under promise and over deliver.

What are you reading?

The Rhino Handbook, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald & The Fourth Bear by Jasper Fford.

What are you listening to?

The Shins, Violent Femmes, The Doors and a lot of classical music.

What are you watching?

Breaking Bad and a box set of Herzog / Kinski films.

What is your greatest extravagance?

Handmade pony leather shoes.

Where do you go to for inspiration?

The ocean.



Est Magazine is a free digital publication that showcases the best in global living with an Australian twist.

Created as a platform to share the talents of designers and creatives from around the globe, Est Magazine seeks out the best in interiors, fashion and travel and wraps it up in a beautifully presented digital edition.

Check out the latest edition of Est Magazine – The Grand Tour Issue – available online for free at


— 19 Nov 2012 —

Woollahra Window Display

Richard Banks Optometrist, Woollahra, Sydney
Richard Banks Optometrist, Woollahra, Sydney
Richard Banks Optometrist, Woollahra, Sydney

— 05 Nov 2012 —

Numskull Colab

Numskull Wall NYC
Numskull / Fritz Frames Colab
Numskull / Fritz Frames Colab

When Analogue Digital front man, Matthew Haynes asked us to be involved with his Gold Coast event back in August of this year it was a no brainer. Of course we wanted to be there and partner in the Analogue Digital design competition! Once we started talking with Matt about what else would be going on at AD, ideas for sideline projects just kept coming.

Aside from the design competition we would be running, the opportunity arose to collaborate with the Sydney based street artist, Numskull. Fritz has had a lot of experience in laminating printed designs into our timber composite materials and this is just what we had in mind for Numskull. After a few conversations with the artist, a design was chosen and sent to us here at the Fritz workshop. The image Numskull chose to use in this colab was an artwork he created on small pieces of wood that were then puzzled together to create the work featured above. Rather fitting when you consider the image has now undergone a major transformation but is still presented (on the inside of the frames), on wood.

It was all up to Numskull when it came to the style and timber he wanted Fritz to use in these frames. In the end he went for our frame, Shamal in dyed oak timber as the canvas for his image. The idea of working with an artist who is known for designing huge wall murals and translating that onto a surface as small as 1cm x 5cm is a little bit nuts and precisely what we loved about this colab. To see our signature style and the artist's back to back, literally, on this project was exhilarating.

With only six frames ever made, this is truly a scarce as hens’ teeth edition. Those lucky enough to get their hands on a pair will also receive an original Numskull print for their private collection! This was an adventure for us, and a real departure for the self-taught artist and it feels great to be venturing into new territory. Timed with the launch of our new website, this kind of colab project is something we are very keen to develop and to cultivate online. To see our frames as a canvas for artists of the highest calibre is adding another dimension to the uniqueness of the brand, something we are all about here at Fritz Frames.

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Fritz Frames
Fritz Frames

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