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Bertie Blackman

Silver ash frames (Mary Galore)
Engraved illustrations and text created by Bertie Blackman in 24CKt gold
Only 6 have been made

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A most glorious connection made this collaboration a possibility.

We had such a rewarding and creative experience working with one of Australia’s most talented artists, Bertie Blackman. We envisaged capturing Bertie’s artwork and song lyrics onto our frames somehow.

This was achieved by laser engraving them into the silver ash frames and then filling this etching with gold! The silver ash veneer is a perfect colour to provide a clean slate for this exquisite detail.

Solid 18Kt gold was ground and used to fill the engraved illustrations and text created by Bertie Blackman. The illustrations and text are unique to each of the 6 frames in this collection. All frames are the same shape (Mary Galore) and made from silver ash veneer with gold filled engravings.