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The Catlux is a bold, fashion frame featuring exaggerated lines and dramatic styling. With its accentuated, cat’s eye shaping and ability to shout out loud in any colour, this is the ultimate statement piece. Not for the faint at heart, the Catlux takes the idea of fun and eccentricity and then turns it up a notch. The striking combination of handcrafted workmanship and fearless design is right here in the head turning frame with personality plus.

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A quality selection of the best, sustainably sourced timbers is used in the creation of our frames. Natural wood grains, our own hand dyed timbers and black carbon combinations offer great versatility in the look of your frame.
Our unique, fibre reinforced, timber composite material offers an ability to produce exceptionally thin-rimmed designs (at 1.5mm), unlike anything previously seen in a wooden frame.

Fritz’s impeccably refined finishing techniques involve the application of a hardened, protective clear coat and the meticulous process of hand sanding. The result is an ultra smooth frame offering unsurpassed comfort and an ability to withstand the harshest of elements, including water, sunscreen and the like, for everyday wear.

In addition, our custom designed spring hinge allows for easy adjustment to provide the best possible fit.

Inspired by traditional boat building techniques and the natural beauty of wood, Fritz Frames are comfortable, beautiful, functional, and a revolution in timber eyewear.